Anne with conductor Charles Bruffy taking a bow with the Phoenix Chorale after the performance of "Soft Footfalls, Song of the Anasazi"

FROM THE MULTI-GRAMMY AWARD WINNING PHOENIX CHORALE:  Anne Kilstofte is many things: a composer, an educator, an Arizona native, and a strong advocate of the work of women in music. She has received numerous national and international awards for her music, including being named winner of the Special Judge’s Citation from The American Prize for Unique Artistic Achievement for this piece, which uses the text of a poem called “Anasazi Women” by award-winning poet Kevin Crossley-Holland. It is about the lives of the Anasazi people who lived among the rocks of Northeastern Arizona long ago, and their transition from a nomadic tribe to a stationary society. The history of the Anasazi is not only interesting but also very relevant, as Arizona is home to some of the most incredible and well preserved cliff dwellings left behind by these prehistoric people. Many of these ancient ruins are open to the public and make for an awesome road trip destination.