About Anne Kilstofte

     Those who love to teach envelop their teaching into their music.  American composer Anne Kilstofte's music shows her love of the music and culture of the world and the evolution of American music.  Her commitment to nature, the ethnic influences of our global community, jazz, and her fascination with light and stars can be found in many of her works.  Her works have been called "lush," "inventive," "luminous," as well as "dramatically innovative and pulsating."



      Her compositions have been performed internationally throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America and she has received awards and honors from institutions throughout the United States and other countries including the Fulbright Foundation, the Council on International Exchange of Scholars, ASCAP, the Jerome Foundation, the McKnight Foundation, Samtida Musik, Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowships, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Arizona Humanities Commission, the Bush Artist Fellowship, the Miriam Gideon Award, the American Composers Forum, and the American Prize. 
     Dr. Kilstofte was named a Fulbright Senior Scholar as a composer and ethnomusicologist and took her family to Tallinn, Estonia for a year where she taught studio composition and workshops on American music, while researching the differences in composition of Estonian composers under Soviet and post-Soviet regimes, interviewing composers such as Veljo Tormis and Arvo Pärt and composing works for her Fulbright Series Concert presented in May that year.   

     Ms. Kilstofte holds a Ph.D. in music theory and composition from the University of Minnesota, studying with Pulitzer-prize winning composer and Professor Emeritus Dominick Argento, Professor Emeritus Paul Fetler, and independently with Libby Larsen; a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Colorado where she studied with Cecil Effinger, piano with Paul Parmelee, and voice with Barbara Doscher. 

     Since moving back to the Sonoran Desert her compositions reflect two themes -  her love of desert landscapes and ecology, and sacred music.  She often composes for the churches around the Phoenix area as well as other churches around the world.  She often writes for the American Lutheran Church, for choir, the Casavant Fréres pipe organ, handbells, brass quintet, and indigenous instruments.   

Check out her works list or sign up for Newest Notes - email updates.  Dr. Kilstofte was recently invited by Charles Bruffy to sell some of her sacred work through the Charles Bruffy Series at MusicSpoke.  Other music is exclusively published through Kaska Publishing Company.